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Revenue Analytics and NLogic Unify the Media Ad Tech Landscape

Today’s media sales teams are bogged down and burned out by behind-the-desk admin work. To make matters worse, they’re burdened by systems that don’t talk to each other. These inefficiencies cost them hours of re-keying data into multiple platforms – hours they should be transacting advertising campaigns.

It’s time to return these valuable hours to broadcasters. Revenue Analytics is partnering with Canadian TV and radio broadcast technology provider NLogic to integrate two critical ad technologies. The collaboration between these leading ad solution providers will allow media teams to respond faster with better pricing on every avail – so they can win more deals.

Our partnership was born out of demand from the media marketplace to streamline ad sales transactions. For years, media organizations have suffered from inefficiencies caused by a lack of integration between software solutions. We’re thrilled to be able to address this urgent need head on with a partner as dedicated to automating the ad sales process as we are.

“Revenue Analytics and NLogic share a philosophy of providing the best available technology to increase profits for media companies,” said David Phillips, CEO NLogic. “While our software solutions have been achieving this goal separately for years, our integration will create greater flexibility, drive efficiencies, and boost revenue growth industry-wide.”

RateOptics™, Revenue Analytics’ next-gen dynamic pricing software, provides rate recommendations determined by sophisticated analytics – powered by broadcasters’ real-time business data. Behind the scenes we crunch terabytes of dense data to forecast demand – our secret sauce to perfect ad pricing.

With platforms built on modern, API-friendly technology, both Revenue Analytics’ RateOptics and NLogic products offer some of the most sophisticated ad solutions out there. Our partnership will support the broadcast industry’s move towards open interfaces and streamlined advertising transactions, resulting in more efficient workstreams and reduced human error.

Are you as excited about the future of media automation as we are? Schedule some time to chat about how the integration can help you maximize ad revenue.

About RateOptics

RateOptics™ is Revenue Analytics’ next-gen ad pricing software, serving broadcast TV and radio, cable, and MSO clients in North and Latin America. The software’s industrial-strength predictive analytics empower AEs to sell inventory at competitive prices without leaving money on the table. By eliminating convoluted spreadsheets, RateOptics delivers instant, tailored pricing recommendations, saving AEs hours of busywork so they can focus on what they do best – sell.

About NLogic

NLogic is Canada's leading provider of audience analysis tools and data for the TV and radio broadcast industry, media agencies, advertisers, and many other clients large and small.

At the heart of what we do is helping our clients make sense of audiences. Our passion is to create quicker and easier ways to find out what, where and when audiences are watching and listening. Our services range from desktop and cloud-based applications, to custom services that support data and system integration needs.

NLogic is a Microsoft Gold Partner offering leading edge technology and expertise. With a growing team of almost 40 employees, NLogic has offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to better serve our clients.


Zach Cross

Zach Cross is the President of Revenue Analytics. In this role, Zach is accountable for setting the direction to achieve the company's revenue growth vision.

Zach Cross is the President of Revenue Analytics. In this role, Zach is accountable for setting the direction to achieve the company's revenue growth vision.

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