Isn’t it Time Broadcasters Had Modern Tools to Price?

It takes more than Excel and sales intuition to win deals and make budget in this digital age.

Only Revenue Analytics combines next-gen software with deep TV and radio know-how to eliminate wasted time and boost revenue.

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Isn’t it Time Broadcasters Had Modern Tools to Price?

It takes more than Excel and sales intuition to win deals and make budget in this digital age.

Only Revenue Analytics combines next-gen software with deep TV and radio know-how to eliminate wasted time and boost revenue.

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Your Next-Gen Pricing Solution

Everything modern ad sales organizations need to take the pain out of pricing and perform at the top of their game.

Free your sales team from their pricing busywork. Sell more.

Take the spreadsheet work off their plate without taking away their control.

Sales doesn't have time to fiddle with pricing in Excel. And you can't afford to sell on gut-based pricing alone.

Let our software do the pricing so they can do what they do best—sell. Imagine the deals you could close with 1-2 more sales calls per week.

Plus, sales managers love our software because it makes their lives easier and they still have final authority over pricing decisions.

See it in Action

RateOptics Screen 01
RateOptics Screen 02

National deals shouldn't be so painful. Make them fast and easy.

Stop the headaches. Stop the calls and emails to get rates and avails. Start winning.

If you’re living in an Excel world, your national sales team must launch a flurry of calls and emails every time they price on lucrative deals.

National sales and local markets may not agree on pricing, and the time it takes for national reps and local markets to collaborate and agree on pricing could kill the deal.

But with our software, pricing guidance for every market is always a click away, so you close more deals, faster, and without the hassle.

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Don't miss the budget. Get the 2% boost you need to hit goal.

Your inventory is worth more. Get the price—and revenue—it truly deserves.

You're a couple points away from your budget goal, but it seems impossible to hit in this market. Your pricing is a real problem.

Our software gives you the perfect pricing—it's "sellable" (will close the deal) and designed to take advantage of every premium opportunity.

The result? With an average 2% revenue uplift, our software is the difference between our customers making budget and not.

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RateOptics Screen 03
RateOptics Screen 04

Worried sales isn't following price guidance? You should be.

Take the guesswork out of pricing compliance. Find price problems fast and fix them for good.

There's no point in having pricing guidanceeven the best guidanceif your AEs aren't following it. 

But you have no idea if they're going rogue because finding out is an impossible amount of work. In reality, most AEs are DIY pricing.

Let our software show you where the problems are so you can hold your AEs accountable, ensure compliance, and ratchet up revenue.

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Get Even More from RateOptics™

Manage beyond right now.

You wouldn't charge $5 for the first Superbowl ticket just because you haven't sold any others, would you? Price based on your predicted sellout vs. current sellout.

Think global, act local.

Ensure consistency with the same pricing software and methodology everywhere. But keep rates tailored with market-specific data, algorithms, and intel.

Future-proof your pricing.

We integrate with any current or future tool, ensure programmatic doesn't cannibalize existing revenue streams, and fully support audience targeting.

Premium Modules to Supercharge Your Pricing

We've got you covered with a complete set of premium modules to meet every possible pricing need.

Special Events and Sports

Special Events & Sports

Capitalize on every opportunity to add premium pricing for sports and other events.

Political LUR

Political LUR

Ensure compliance and strategically manage political ad placement during busy campaign seasons.

Rate Strategy and Planning

Rate Strategy & Planning

A better way to do quarterly planning and annual budgets. 

Centralized Workbench

Centralized Workbench

Great tools like "what if" scenarios for your pricing experts.

Rate Generator

Rate Generator

A simple, dedicated UI for your AEs to get current rates.

Rate Monitoring Dashboard

Rate Monitoring Dashboard

Advanced tools to monitor pricing compliance across teams.

Deal Pricing


Advertiser-specific pricing tailored to close deals.

RateOptics™ Plays Well with Others

Embed our pricing in any application. Share data back and forth. Use our standard integrations or let us build you something custom. The sky is the limit with our open API architecture.

Hudson MX

And many more...

Unique Approach, Unparalleled Results

We believe technology must be useful or it’s not worth having. It needs to fit your business, not the other way around. That’s why we start and end each implementation with human intelligence—tailoring the software to your needs, and ensuring adoption and ongoing support long after launch. Only RA blends these high-touch services with the smartest AI in the business to give you useful technology that’s also brilliant.

Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Our proven consultative approach delivers best-fit software your team will love.
  • We learn your current processes and pains, then tailor our software to be the perfect cure.

  • So that your team is comfortable and confident, we give in-depth training—both functional and conceptual.

  • We provide a full-range of change management services to ensure successful adoption.

  • With our Managed Analytics service, your dedicated team provides continuous optimizations and ongoing support after launch.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our science and tech is next-gen, so you get maximum automation and optimal rates.
  • We test thousands of predictive models to select the best fit for each station and demand segment.

  • We always clean and normalize your data before analysis. No garbage in, great insights out.

  • To ensure you’ve always got the best guidance, rates are refreshed regularly—daily if needed.

  • Your predictive models are re-evaluated quarterly alongside new, innovative algorithms to guarantee optimized results far into the future.

Trusted by the Best

  • Our revenue performance reflects our efforts to implement a pricing and inventory management solution."
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Top US Radio Broadcaster
  • We chose to partner with Revenue Analytics due to their robust analytical models, deep media expertise, and relationship with WideOrbit."
  • Vice President
    Leading Local Television Broadcaster
  • Revenue Analytics has significantly elevated our Revenue Management capabilities with predictive analytics."
  • SVP Revenue Management
    Global Media & Entertainment Company
  • Now our pricing strategy is dictated by what the marketplace will bear as opposed to what our underlying cost structure is."
  • Chief Operating Officer
    Large Cable MSO

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