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Drowning in Bad Ad Tech? Struggling to Keep Up?

Ad sales teams deserve better. The good news for broadcasters? RateOptics™ – the modern pricing and sales analytics tool – ends the struggle.

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You’re Stuck in the 90s

Media keeps evolving. And your org’s future depends on your ability to capture a larger share of advertiser spend.

Want to compete with digital? You’ve got to think like digital: fast, efficient, and hungry for better data and tools.

But too many ad sales teams are falling further behind because they're using outdated ad tech to sell modern day media.

They're cobbling together data from 5 different systems to create a simple report and using gut feel to price inventory.

The consequence? Your teams are slow and inefficient, are trapped in their old ways, and are left with limited time to prospect.

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The Better Way to Sell Ads

We’re passionate about bringing modern ad tech to broadcasters.

That's why we built RateOptics - the only pricing & sales analytics tool that uses cutting-edge data science to make your ad sales team better and faster.

Sales managers, AEs, and corporate teams get streamlined, easy access to intuitive metrics - dynamic rates, revenue projections, predicted sellout, rate performance, historical rates, and more.

The result? Efficient, effective sales teams. Better inventory yield. Increased revenue. More visibility into performance than ever before.

Our customers’ only regret? “Why didn’t we know about this sooner?”

No regrets. Get in touch today.

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More Than a Rate Card

rate card_RO page

Dynamic Rate Card

Some markets price better than others. Bring consistency to your org with rates generated via advanced analytics, side-by-side with key rate/inventory stats.

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optics dashboard_RO page

Optics Dashboard

Boost your forecast accuracy with revenue projections backed by data science. Plus, view rates to hit budget and forecast.

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Advertiser Insights

Pulling orders from traffic is painful. Get single-click access to an advertiser’s historical rate + spend data alongside key benchmarks to use in negotiations.

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rate performance_RO page

Rate Performance

Don’t let low rates and no-charge spots keep you up at night. Coach your AEs on performance and monitor rates, revenue, under-delivery, and bonus by advertiser + AE.

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thumb_political lur icon

Political LUR

Find your worst low rate offenders. See lowest unit rates by daypart/program to help proactively identify orders that are driving LURs.

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thumb_rate generator icon

Rate Generator

Eliminate the need to track down a manager for current pricing. Give AEs self-service access to in-app rates or populate rates directly into proposals via API.

thumb_deal optics icon

Deal Optics

Not all advertisers are created equal. Auto-generate advertiser-specific pricing based on a combination of advertiser historical rates, deal value, and current conditions.

thumb_inventory insights icon

Inventory Insights

Make rigid inventory reports a thing of the past. Get multi- or single-market inventory snapshots faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

Game-Changing Innovations


We seamlessly auto-populate rates into proposal systems so sellers spend less time rekeying data and more time selling.

Political Impact

We help maximize revenue and minimize makegoods during political windows by focusing on the entire pricing picture, not just political rates.

Projected Rate to Clear

We anticipate rates needed to clear early and often so stations can minimize the volume of low dollar spots booked early in the window.

Partnering to Unify Ad Tech

Matrix Logo

We pass data to/from Matrix systems, so you don’t have to rekey data.

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NLogic Logo

Our GET Rates API auto-populates prices into Nlogic’s Lens proposal platform.

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SMI Logo V2

We’ve integrated SMI’s market intel directly into the RateOptics workflow.

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We seamlessly ingest your WideOrbit order & inventory data on a nightly basis.

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Our integration pulls ratings directly from Nielsen into RateOptics.

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Access Comscore ratings data for all 210 TV DMAs directly in RateOptics.

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Case Study

Top Radio Broadcaster

Sales Managers Get Their Time Back at Top Radio Broadcaster

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Turn Screen Time into Sales Time.

Don’t let old ad tech sabotage your sales. Get a personalized demo of RateOptics today.

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