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N2Pricing RMSTM

Reinvent the way your hotel manages revenue.

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Get Back 50 Hours a Month to Do the Real Work

Automate all the work computers should do. Simplify and speed-up human input. And focus your team’s freed-up energy on higher-level work that moves the needle.

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Time Poverty is the Biggest Challenge Today

Strategy, research, insights…this is the work we need RMs doing to compete and win – and stay engaged. But they’re swamped with minutiae. And their old RM tools like Excel and traditional RMSs are hurting, not helping. So teams are trapped in a cycle of button-pushing, burnout and missed profit – what we call a Time Poverty Doom Loop™.

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A Modern RMS Simplifies & Automates

Armed with more time, you have superior strategy, insights, and an energized team with a plan. And your RMS can automatically execute the revenue plays that dramatically improve profit.

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We Created Revenue Management. Now We’re Recreating It.

38+ Years of Innovation & Partnership
  • ‘84: Robert G. Cross, our chairman and co-founder, invented yield management while working at Delta.
  • ‘87: He and Marriott launched the first “hotel yield management” system.
  • ‘97: He wrote the pioneering book on the practice—Revenue Management: Hard-core Tactics for Market Domination.
  • ‘05: He and his sons, Dax and Zach, founded Revenue Analytics.
  • ‘08: We built IHG the first price optimization capability which was a finalist for the prestigious Franz Edelman prize.
  • ‘11: We built Starwood the first next-gen RMS – a user-friendly, end-to-end system complete with forecasting, pricing, and inventory optimization.
  • ‘15: We further innovated with Hyatt, delivering pick-best demand forecast modeling, full-pattern LOS pricing, and advanced group capabilities.
  • ‘18: We created a modern cloud platform on AWS, as a foundation for agile, API-backed, user-centric SaaS products.
  • ‘20: N2Pricing launched, and the first modern SaaS RMS is born.
  • Today: We price 46% of rooms in N. America.


Trapped In a Cycle of Time-Consuming Button-Pushing?

Download the N2Pricing data sheet to learn more about our modern approach to revenue management.

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Stop Managing Revenue the Hard Way

Imagine having time for strategy while your RMS executes the most optimal revenue plays in the background.

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Hoteliers without an RMS

Ditch Excel and homegrown systems. Ratchet up RevPAR and profit with a state-of-the-art RMS that’s (finally!) easy to learn, use, and afford.

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Teams with an RMS

What’s the point of having an RMS if you override it all the time? You deserve a smart, efficient system that takes your RM game to the next level. Switching is easy…really.

Find Out How 20+ Revenue Leaders Choose an RMS

Download the latest HSMAI guide to RMSs and get today’s best thinking on revenue management technology.

Use the popular guide to evaluate your current RMS, better understand your needs, and find the right solution for you.

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“This is exactly what we need. Prior to N2Pricing, we spent too much time updating pricing day by day, room by room. Now we actually have time to be strategic. So that to me is very valuable.”

James Eason
Vice President, Revenue Strategy – Lifestyle Division
Crescent Hotels & Resorts


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At the end of the day, we want to empower your team to reach its full potential. It’s our mission. We want you to love revenue management again.

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