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Welcome to the Next Era of Revenue Management

Say goodbye to clunky, dated software.
Say hello to the first and only modern RMS.

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Optimize more

Stop leaving money on the table. Optimize every fare every day.

Use automation to give all of your O/Ds—not just a lucky few—the attention they deserve.

You don’t have time to update every fare every day. You have no choice but to "set and forget" most routes, but it’s costing you big.

Let our software automate your busywork away so you can make daily updates at scale and scoop up more revenue.

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Take control

Is constant change a constant headache? Take control.

Manage customer volatility and network changes like a champ.

Change…it happens. Shifting timetables, walk-up demand, engineering work, sports events, competitor pricing, and more.

Why not let automation do the heavy lifting for you? When change comes knocking, FareVantage™ will do the talking.

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Prioritize smarter

Getting lost in all the noise? Zero in on the big opportunities fast.

What if finding the important revenue levers wasn’t like finding a needle in a haystack?

When you manage thousands of O/Ds, you don’t have time to wade through every single price recommendation.

FareVantage™ can tell you where to focus, what to do, and why. All so you can make outsized impact with your time.

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Automate work

Don’t spend your whole day putting trains on sale. Take your time back.

With fare recommendations this good, you can skip review. Do strategic work instead.

Your team could do higher-level work, but they have to slog through an endless stream of recommendations. Not anymore.

FareVantage™ gives you recs you can trust to maximize revenue and make sense in the real world. And you get 50% of your time back.

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Boost revenue

Business rules keeping your revenue down? Level-up.

Try real analytics on for size. Get state-of-the-art pricing science and 3-7% more revenue.

Business rules—you can use them, but then you lose…both revenue and passengers. Simple as that.

You won’t find a bunch of business rules here. Just advanced analytics from the founders of RM, and more revenue too.

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Expertly handle special events and sports matches.

Kick your sports & events forecasting into high gear with a forecast that views demand through the customer lens.

Finally, a way to predict walk-up demand.

Stuck forecasting just advanced bookings? FareVantage™ is the first software that factors in walk-up demand.

Your RMS is only as good as your forecast. Get the best.

Everything hinges on your forecast. That’s why we built you the best—35% more accurate than the rest.

Popular Features


Journey-Level Management.

Leg and train-level pricing makes journeys too costly. Price at the journey-level to uncork demand and revenue.


Automatic Timetable Adjustments.

When schedules changes strike, FareVantage™ adjusts pricing for you auto-magically. Just the way it ought to be.


Priorities Dashboard.

Imagine all the big revenue opportunities organized into a central view you control. That’s the priorities dashboard.


Intraday Optimization.

Wouldn’t it be great if intraday pricing was actually possible? We thought so too. So we turned the dream into reality.


FareVantage™ Plays Well with Others

Share data back-and-forth with reservation systems. Embed our insights in any BI tool. Use our standard integrations or let us build you something custom. The sky is the limit with our open API architecture.



Premium Modules

Want all the best tools at your disposal? We’ve got you covered with these cutting-edge add-ons.

Competitive Intelligence

Capitalize on competitive intelligence by integrating your competitor data.

Split Ticketing

Understand your risk and strategically manage split ticketing.

Group Pricing

Accurately quote prices for groups like school trips, conferences, and more.

Why Rail Operators Love Our Software

Industrial-strength analytics.

We know that your business needs more than lightweight solutions. We have powerful analytics purpose-built for Rail operators.

Freedom to flex.

We know you’re leery of people who say, “Do it our way.” FareVantage™ is designed to be flexible so it works the way you need it to.

Solutions, not buzzwords.

We know you’re tired of vendors touting Artificial Intelligence. We have the right people building the right tech to fit your needs. That’s it.

Experience, built-in.

We know you don’t have time to be experts at everything. We have 15+ years of Revenue Management expertise built into our software.

There’s Never Been a Better Time for Better Tools.

Request a demo and learn how a technology upgrade can help rail operators reclaim missed revenue, take back their time, and please the public.

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