Passenger Rail Revenue Management, Reinvented.

The only RMS powered by advanced analytics and built specifically for modern train operators.

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Passenger Rail Revenue Management, Reinvented.

The only RMS powered by advanced analytics and built specifically for modern train operators.

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Your Next-Gen Revenue Management System

The state-of-the-art automation and intelligence modern train operators need to conquer revenue goals, boost team efficiency 10x, and deliver extraordinary customer experience.

Spending all your time putting trains on sale? Don’t.

With fare recommendations this good, you can skip review. Do strategic work instead.

Your team could do higher-level work, but they have to slog through an endless stream of recommendations. Not anymore.

With our software, you have recommendations you can trust. They maximize revenue AND they make sense in the real world.

That’s the power of advanced analytics that’s tailored to fit your business, and it means our customers get 50% of their time back.

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Tired of second-guessing your RMS forecast?

Your RMS is only as good as your forecast. Get the very best.

Everything hinges on your forecast. When your forecast is off, your recommendations and revenue are off. Simple as that.

That’s why we built you the most advanced forecasting possible—performing 35% better than competitors in head-to-head tests.

With next-gen capabilities in special events, walk-up demand, and more, your recommendations and revenue will be on-target.

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Stop leaving money on the table. Optimise every fare every day.

Give all of your O/Ds—not just a lucky few—the attention they deserve, and boost revenue 3-4%.

You don’t have time to review every recommendation every day. So you have no choice but to ‘set and forget’ most of your routes.

But “set it and forget it” is costing you big. All those neglected routes add up…to real revenue you’re missing out on.

Let our software automate your busywork away so you can make daily updates at scale and scoop up 3-4% more revenue.

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Focus on what matters most. Make outsized impact with your time.

Knowing the highest impact opportunities shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack.

When you manage thousands of O/Ds, you don’t have time to wade through a sea of journeys to find what you’re looking for.

Our software surfaces the critical opportunities for you, tells you what to do and why, and lets you filter down to areas of interest.

What’s more, you get tools to better plan, manage, and review decisions. And, flag overrides and review their performance later.

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Exclusive Benefits Our Customers Love

Finally, a way to predict walk-up demand.

Stuck forecasting just advanced bookings? FareAdvantage™ is the first software that factors in walk-up demand.

Expertly handle sports matches & special events.

Kick your sports & events forecasting into high gear with a forecast that views demand through the customer lens.

Manage schedule & capacity changes easily.

Change... it happens. When it does, why not let our software do the heavy lifting for you? Leverage automation to make change easy.

Premium Services to Supercharge Your Revenue Management

We’ve got you covered with cutting-edge services to solidify your competitive advantage.

Split Ticket Assessment

Split Ticketing Assessment

Understand your risk and strategically manage split ticketing.

Revenue Management Diagnostic

Revenue Management Diagnostic

Identify process and system opportunities to improve performance.

Competitive Intelligence Integration

Competitive Intelligence Integration

Capitalize on competitive intelligence by integrating your competitor data.

FareVantage™ Plays Well with Others

Share data back-and-forth with reservation systems. Embed our insights in any BI tool. Use our standard integrations or let us build you something custom. The sky is the limit with our open API architecture.


And many more...

Unique Approach, Unparalleled Results

We believe technology must be useful or it’s not worth having. It needs to fit your business, not the other way around. That’s why we start and end each implementation with human intelligence—tailoring the software to your needs, and ensuring adoption and ongoing support long after launch. Only RA blends these high-touch services with the smartest AI in the business to give you useful technology that’s also brilliant.

Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Our proven consultative approach delivers best-fit software your team will love.
  • We learn your current processes and pains, then tailor our software to be the perfect cure.

  • So that your team is comfortable and confident, we give in-depth training—both functional and conceptual.

  • We provide a full-range of change management services to ensure successful adoption.

  • With our Managed Analytics service, your dedicated team provides continuous optimizations and ongoing support after launch.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our science and tech is next-gen, so you get maximum automation and optimal rates.
  • We test thousands of predictive models to select the best fit for each station and demand segment.

  • We always clean and normalize your data before analysis. No garbage in, great insights out.

  • To ensure you’ve always got the best guidance, rates are refreshed regularly—daily if needed.

  • Your predictive models are re-evaluated quarterly alongside new, innovative algorithms to guarantee optimized results far into the future.

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This new technology will help us provide even more reasons for our customers to book and travel with us.”
Commercial Director
Leading Passenger Rail Operator

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