Better Proposals.
Half the Time.

Arm your sales team with the smartest and most powerful proposal planning software available.

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Better Proposals.
Half the Time.

Arm your sales team with the smartest and most powerful proposal planning software available.

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Your Next-Gen Proposal Solution

The state-of-the-art intelligence and end-to-end automation that media sales teams need to take the work out of proposals and exceed revenue goals.

Copy and paste jobs are costing you precious revenue. Level up.

Let smart software save your AEs valuable time by building better proposals.

Building proposals from scratch takes forever, so your AEs just copy old ones. The result? Lackluster sales and revenue.

With ProposalPRO™, AEs simply enter advertiser needs and the intelligent software analyzes every possible campaign scenario.

AEs can easily compare the best scenarios, make edits, and send them for approval. And you can easily boost revenue.

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Don’t lose out on the big digital dollars. Get your fair share.

Start selling all your impressions and stop leaving real money on the table.

Digital—streaming, display, social—is where the big revenue growth is. But standard proposal software won’t let you sell it.

Only ProposalPRO™ empowers you to sell all of your inventory—including digital and live inventory—in one easy-to-use application.

And, ensure you are not cannibalizing your linear dollars by enforcing price rules that incent customers to also buy digital while not undervaluing your inventory.

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Do you know what your AEs are sending out the door?

You can’t outrun bad deals. Get oversight without getting in the way.

Every proposal needs a detailed review, but too often AEs ask for forgiveness instead of approval.

With ProposalPRO™, you can create and enforce rules for pricing, prime/non-prime packaging, and digital and premium inventory.

What’s more, approvals are built in and flexible. And they’re quick, so you can keep pace with today’s buy-side platforms.

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Stop letting data entry sabotage team productivity. Automate it.

Time is money. Don’t let your AEs spend theirs on low-value tasks.

Your AEs are spending too much time entering the same deal details over and over again into different systems.

The CRM, then the proposal software, the CRM again, then the traffic system, then the digital traffic system.

Our software integrates with all of your systems, so AEs enter data once and they’re done, so they can focus on sales.

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Exclusive Benefits Our Customers Love

Make annuals and national deals easy.

You can’t afford to get annuals and national deals wrong. Cut through the complexity with software that does the work for you.

Sell out your premium inventory.

Sell your best inventory—endorsements, sponsorships, sports, and special events—with the rest, in the same software.

Finally, an end to “book and pray.”

Get current pricing and inventory availability right inside your proposal software so you can take orders with confidence.

Premium Modules to Give You an Edge

Add these cutting-edge capabilities to stay 5 steps ahead of the competition.

Deal Evaluator Icon


Proposal scoring and proactive identification of pricing and efficiency opportunities.

Scenario Comparison & Merging Icon

Scenario Comparison & Merging

An advanced tool to compare scenarios and merge the best of two into one.

Proposal Analytics Icon


Insights into won, lost, and deferred deals to improve future performance.

ProposalPRO™ Ties It All Together

For sales teams working on proposals, integrations are critical. That’s why we’ve designed ProposalPRO™ to share data seamlessly with all the systems you use every day.

Hudson MX

And many more...

Unique Approach, Unparalleled Results

We believe technology must be useful or it’s not worth having. It needs to fit your business, not the other way around. That’s why we start and end each implementation with human intelligence—tailoring the software to your needs, and ensuring adoption and ongoing support long after launch. Only RA blends these high-touch services with the smartest AI in the business to give you useful technology that’s also brilliant.

Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Our proven consultative approach delivers best-fit software your team will love.
  • We learn your current processes and pains, then tailor our software to be the perfect cure.

  • So that your team is comfortable and confident, we give in-depth training—both functional and conceptual.

  • We provide a full-range of change management services to ensure successful adoption.

  • With our Managed Analytics service, your dedicated team provides continuous optimizations and ongoing support after launch.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our science and tech is next-gen, so you get maximum automation and optimal rates.
  • We test thousands of predictive models to select the best fit for each station and demand segment.

  • We always clean and normalize your data before analysis. No garbage in, great insights out.

  • To ensure you’ve always got the best guidance, rates are refreshed regularly—daily if needed.

  • Your predictive models are re-evaluated quarterly alongside new, innovative algorithms to guarantee optimized results far into the future.

Trusted by the Best

  • ProposalPRO™ enables us to efficiently scale our business through automation and systematic capture of proposals."
  • SVP, Ad Sales
    Leading Audio Entertainment Company
  • Revenue Analytics has significantly elevated our Revenue Management capabilities with predictive analytics."
  • SVP, Revenue Management
    Global Media & Entertainment Company

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