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Tough love this budget season

Many TV and radio broadcasters are again in the midst of budget and strategic planning season.

Our one piece of tough-love advice we are giving to customers and prospects?

If you’re using outdated ad tech to sell modern-day media in 2023, you will fall further behind. The need for data- and analytics-backed decision making is essential to survive and thrive.

Savvy broadcasters are scheduling their demo of RateOptics, the modern pricing and sales analytics tool, today so they don’t miss out on another year.

Here are the top 9 reasons broadcasters like Hearst, Audacy, Beasley, and Gray budgeted for RateOptics:

  1. Rates are manually set and managed, taking up valuable sales time
  2. Sales managers rely heavily on gut feel instead of data and analytics to price inventory, leaving too much revenue on the table
  3. Market dynamics are evolving quickly, and it is impossible for any sales manager to manually keep up
  4. Some of the lowest spending advertisers enjoy the best inventory at the lowest rates
  5. A higher percentage of sellers are under-performing – revenue, rates, clearance are not up to par
  6. Pricing strategy and processes vary across the organization, with no automation or accountability to track who is doing what
  7. Sellers rekey data from one system to another, slowing them down and keeping them from actually selling
  8. Sellers are struggling to justify understandable rate increases to advertisers
  9. The broadcast ad sales transformation is underway–with cross-platform buys, impression-based sales, audience targeting, and auto-avail responses rapidly approaching and here to stay

Schedule a demo to see how RateOptics solves these top challenges for broadcasters… and a whole lot more.


It's Budget Season — Don't Struggle Another Year.

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