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Revenue Analytics Announces Significant Growth of RateOptics™, Adding More Than 1K Stations

ATLANTA, Sept 27, 2022 – Today Revenue Analytics™ announced the accelerating growth of RateOptics™, the modern ad pricing and sales analytics tool for media. The company also proudly announced their Q3 2022 customer satisfaction score of 92%.

Since its inception in 2019, RateOptics has quickly emerged as a high-growth disruptor in the broadcast media ad tech space. In the last 18 months alone, RateOptics has increased the number of stations on the platform 10x (from 120 to 1200+) and added a dozen more TV and radio broadcasters to its customer list, all while tripling the capabilities available within the product. This fast growth is a direct result of the company’s relentless commitment to excellence in both innovation and service.

“The growth in our business is resounding proof that TV and radio broadcasters are investing in data, analytics, and modern tech to ensure their sales teams are armed with the best tools and information possible. Couple that with the much-anticipated launch of next-gen proposal platforms, and it’s undeniable that the industry is finally embracing real change,” said Steph Garfrerick, SVP, Media Vertical. “We are committed to pushing the industry forward, from investing in our platform to partnering with other players in the ad tech ecosystem to enable a seamless transaction between the buy- and sell-side.” 

RateOptics initially focused on solving pricing challenges for ad sales teams. However, it quickly evolved with the addition of several modules and now modernizes the entire ad sales process with data and insights. While RateOptics boasts state-of-the art analytics, sales teams also love the easy-to-use interface that provides one-click access to insights, and the collaboration with their best-in-class customer success team.

“None of this growth would have been possible without the partnership from our incredible customers,” said Emilee Bond, VP, Media Vertical. “Revenue Analytics has been fortunate to work with a wide range of broadcasters, from smaller radio orgs to larger TV broadcasters, helping us to stress test our product to ensure we can meet a variety of needs, from solving current pain points to enabling the future of cross-platform selling. Whether you’re looking to simply give more time back to your sellers, or to fully centralize your pricing and inventory decisions, RateOptics can help.”

Their latest module, Rate Performance, injects accountability into the sales and pricing processes. As the company looks to take its product to the next level, it will be launching a digital pricing capability later this year along with additional next-gen proposal system integrations.

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About Revenue Analytics

Revenue Analytics is the cutting-edge data science company behind RateOptics™—the modern pricing and sales analytics tool that unlocks the potential in every ad sales team. Top broadcasters – including Hearst Television, Audacy, Beasley Radio Group, and Gray Television – use RateOptics’s advanced analytics, modern user interface, and seamless integrations to make their teams better and faster. Learn about features including Dynamic Rate Card, Optics Dashboard, Advertiser Insights, Rate Performance and GET Rates API at www.revenueanalytics.com/media/rateoptics.


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