Salesforce Analytics

You’re paying a lot in commissions to your sales team, but are you confident that they’re going to your best sales people, not just your best order takers? You think you have a good idea of your highest sellers, but could their sales territory sizes be skewing the numbers? Do your sales metrics and your playbook processes measure and motivate the right behaviors in your sales teams? If you’re unsure of the answer to any of these questions, you may need to integrate salesforce analytics within your organization.

What if your sales team could know the correct product decisions as they make trade off decisions regarding price? What if your sales team could predict the volume by sales territory or account? What if they could be positive that they’re influencing the right product mix? What if they could be able to serve to keep for repeat purchase? Salesforce analytics isolates customer, product, and sales performance dimensions. Normalizing for these variables presents a more accurate picture of sales performance vs. expected sales performance and allows sales leadership to measure the metrics that matter. Using salesforce analytics, you can evolve commission and sales strategies to improve sales rep performance across the dimensions of price, volume, product mix, and customer retention.

At Revenue Analytics, we have developed a predictive analytics platform to identify what attributes really matter.