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Announcing the Next Generation of Ad Pricing: RateOptics™

As a part of our growing effort to bring leading edge software and revenue-driving products to the media industry, I am thrilled to announce the launch of RateOptics™.

Built specifically for modern media companies, this first-of-its-kind ad pricing software represents the next stage in the evolution of our media pricing technology.

We designed this next-generation software to help ad sales organizations automate pricing so sales management can focus on selling. And, to provide state-of-the-art price guidance so ad inventory is always priced to close deals, maximize revenue, and hit tough budgets.

I’ll share more about RateOptics™ a little later on, but first want to provide more on the journey that led us to this exciting moment.

Our 10-Year Journey

We implemented the first-ever pricing and Revenue Management system into broadcast radio one decade ago. We’re incredibly proud to be a part of that moment and an innovator in the broadcast media space.

Over the last decade, we’ve been fortunate to partner with some of the brightest and most innovative media companies. And we’ve been privileged to help them solve their biggest pricing problems — improving process, maximizing revenue, and empowering them to win in the next decade of rapid digital change and audience evolution.

Today, 42% of broadcast radio ad sales run through our platform on a daily basis, with over 35.7 million demand forecasts computed nightly.

And, we achieved this all with our proprietary predictive analytics platform, which powered bespoke pricing applications for our customers.

But we knew we could do more to arm our customers with tools that are even easier to use, faster to implement, and deliver quicker ROI.

So, as a company, we made the decision to evolve our platform capabilities to deliver more than just custom applications, and our software-as-a-service (SaaS) roadmap was born.

And, it’s why we are so excited to officially announce the launch of RateOptics™.

About RateOptics™ — Next-Gen Pricing Software for Modern Media Companies

RateOptics™ combines next-gen software with our deep TV and radio know-how to help modern media companies solve their biggest pain points by:

  • Giving sales management the ability to focus on selling instead of spreadsheets by fully automating the pricing process;
  • Making it easy for AEs to close national deals without a flurry of calls and emails by making pricing guidance for every market just a click away;
  • Helping sales teams meet and exceed the budget with rate recommendations that will both close deals fast and maximize the value of ad inventory;
  • Integrating with any existing system or tool.

Also available are a complete set of add-ons to address every pricing need from pricing strategy and planning to deal-specific price recommendations, political and sports pricing, and everything in between.

To take it for a spin, schedule a demo with our team today. To learn more about RateOptics™, visit the RateOptics™ product page.

We’re thrilled to bring this vision to life and eager to share it with you.


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Zach Cross
President, Revenue Analytics

Zach Cross

Zach Cross is the President of Revenue Analytics. In this role, Zach is accountable for setting the direction to achieve the company's revenue growth vision.

Zach Cross is the President of Revenue Analytics. In this role, Zach is accountable for setting the direction to achieve the company's revenue growth vision.

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