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5 Reasons to Invest in Data & Analytics in 2024

Once again, it’s budget season. And this time around it feels like every sales manager has their head down focused on cutting expenses after a tough 2023.

2024 is presenting a new type of challenge. While everyone is banking on much-needed political spend, they are also being asked to do more with less across time, people, and resources. Having to make some hard decisions, how are you ensuring that you’re setting your team up for success to be more efficient with less?

We are firm believers that having data, analytics, and automation in your go-forward strategy will be essential to survive & thrive into next year and beyond. 

Here are the top 5 reasons broadcasters like Hearst, Audacy, Beasley, and Scripps are committed to RateOptics: 

  1. A lack of quick and easy access to data across markets, hindering National and Local teams from more seamlessly selling across the enterprise
  2. Market dynamics are evolving quickly, and it is impossible for any sales manager to manually keep up
  3. Reviewing a political rate card and manually monitoring for violations is error prone and time-consuming 
  4. Pricing strategy and processes vary across the organization, with no automation or accountability to track who is doing what 
  5. A higher percentage of sellers are under-performing as they are being stretched too thin

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