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Technology Lifecycles are Important – Here’s Why

When it comes to technology, the only constant is change. Everything, no matter how fresh or innovative it may seem at the time of its release, will eventually be replaced by something faster, edgier, and smarter.

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Designing Revenue Management Systems to Enable Seamless External Systems Integration

All Revenue Management Systems (RMS) must satisfy a list of functional requirements, such as producing an accurate demand forecast that controls for seasonality, trend, and special events. In addition, it’s essential that the system recommend optimal [...]

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The Collaboration Between People and Technology Ensures a Successful Revenue Management System

Your company was on the forefront of implementing a Revenue Management system. It was a strategic investment that you and the stakeholders of the organization made. However, five years have passed, and you hit a reflection point. Is the system still [...]

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Uncovering External Influences in your Analytics

When building a statistical forecast, the best foundation to start from is with your company’s own transactional data.  However, once you’ve progressed to evaluating variations in seasonality and explaining unusual errors in your forecast, you may find [...]

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Designing for Just-in-Time Price Recommendations

You’ve made the decision to invest in a Pricing and Revenue Management system, but architecting such a system can stretch the limits of any technology. A good Pricing and Revenue Management system design will ensure that your business will receive the [...]

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