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Ratings Forecast – How are you estimating your most valuable resource?

In my prior blog, I introduced a multitude of inventory trade-off decisions that TV and radio broadcasters must make on an ongoing basis to drive business. While there are many unknowns in the media industry, there is one common element that helps inform [...]

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Inventory Trade-off Decisions – Are you making the right one?

Revenue, Makegoods, Promos – As a TV or radio broadcaster, you are intimately familiar with these three words. They are the three core elements that make up your inventory and ultimately drive your business. They also represent the high-level trade-off [...]

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Not All Dynamic Prices Should Be Treated Equally

Within our Retail practice area, we covered the dynamic pricing topic and what it means for retailers and the retail industry, but what does it mean for your business? Is dynamic pricing right for you?

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Key Components of an Effective Pricing User Interface

In my previous post, I highlighted the importance of driving user adoption of retail pricing solutions and the four essential steps that companies should leverage when designing and developing a solution. As a quick reminder, the steps focus on continuous [...]

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Driving User Adoption of Retail Pricing Solutions

Retail executives loathe talking about it, but some have invested millions in a retail pricing analytics platform only to have nobody in the organization use it. While there is a laundry list of reasons for why systems are not used, it generally boils [...]

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