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The Value of Data Insight-Driven Decisions: Understand First, Act Second

A common scenario in the radio and TV ad sales environment may sound familiar to you. The existence of information spread across multiple sources and the absence of a single software solution forces manual data collection and double entry. Decision-making [...]

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Does Your Sales Team Spend More Time in Front of Their Computer, or Their Clients?

In the current TV and radio ad sales environment, you’re under constant pressure to increase sales, without increasing the size of your sales team. You’re likely also feeling pressure from agencies and advertisers to lower prices and CPMs, while Wall [...]

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“Sabermetrics” for Measuring Sales Executive Performance

As made famous in the best-selling book and Oscar-nominated film Moneyball, sabermetrics, an advanced analytical approach used to measure a player’s in-game performance, helped launch the Oakland Athletics to the playoffs in 2002 and 2003. This approach [...]

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Analytics to Drive Sales in a Slowing Economy

Over the past month numerous companies in industries as diverse as airlines, banking, and retail have issued guidance lowering growth expectations for the remainder of the year. The slowing economy will put pressure on sales organizations to deliver [...]

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Generating Optimal Revenue from Ad Sales

When it comes to generating Requests For Proposals – the bane and the breadwinner for many companies – some organizations have made a science of the process by using proposal optimizers that automatically generate proposals based on the request.

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How segmentation can boost your pricing strategies

As many successful companies have learned, it’s not wise to set a one-price-fits-all pricing strategy.  Instead, those organizations that have mastered Revenue Management have put in place a well-designed customer segmentation strategy that recognizes [...]

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