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Media Companies: Take a Page Out of The Revenue Management Hospitality Book

As a broadcast media industry executive, you’re accountable for setting sales and pricing strategies for all available spot and non-spot inventory in your region or market. Your ad space is a perishable product that customers book in advance, and you’re [...]

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The Value of Data Insight-Driven Decisions: Understand First, Act Second

A common scenario in the radio and TV ad sales environment may sound familiar to you. The existence of information spread across multiple sources and the absence of a single software solution forces manual data collection and double entry. Decision-making [...]

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Does Your Sales Team Spend More Time in Front of Their Computer, or Their Clients?

In the current TV and radio ad sales environment, you’re under constant pressure to increase sales, without increasing the size of your sales team. You’re likely also feeling pressure from agencies and advertisers to lower prices and CPMs, while Wall [...]

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Ratings Forecast – How are you estimating your most valuable resource?

In my prior blog, I introduced a multitude of inventory trade-off decisions that TV and radio broadcasters must make on an ongoing basis to drive business. While there are many unknowns in the media industry, there is one common element that helps inform [...]

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Media Companies: Eliminate the Unknowns and Optimize for Revenue

With the emergence of programmatic and new sales channels, advertisers have become extremely sophisticated, making smaller and more focused buys targeted to a narrow demographic audience. To accomplish this, more and more advertisers are using real-time [...]

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Inventory Trade-off Decisions – Are you making the right one?

Revenue, Makegoods, Promos – As a TV or radio broadcaster, you are intimately familiar with these three words. They are the three core elements that make up your inventory and ultimately drive your business. They also represent the high-level trade-off [...]

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Generating Optimal Revenue from Ad Sales

When it comes to generating Requests For Proposals – the bane and the breadwinner for many companies – some organizations have made a science of the process by using proposal optimizers that automatically generate proposals based on the request.

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