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Lean Times Lead Movie Theaters to Strategic Pricing

Blockbuster releases, increasing consumer alternatives and seasonal demand patterns have inflicted havoc on the revenue streams of many movie theater operators. With downward pressure on revenue and profits expected to continue unabated, theater chains [...]

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Pricing Goal: Profit or Volume…or can I really achieve both?

Too often, when a company considers making a pricing action on a set of products/services they make two simplifying assumptions that can significantly impact results:

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How to Identify Your True E-Commerce Competitors

They come at you from every direction. E-commerce companies – from mom and pop websites to goliaths like Amazon – trying to steal away your market share.

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What’s The Weather Got to Do With Your Revenue Management Strategy?

Come earnings season, there are no shortages of corporate excuses for missed financial targets.  Companies have been known to blame shifting holidays, stormy weather and other acts of God. Yes, they even blame it on the rain.

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