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A lot of your promotions aren’t working – do you know which ones?

Your cardigans had a 15% lift in the final week of March last year, but how much of that was due to your BOGO sweater event and how much was due to an early Easter?  Did your “20% off entire store” coupon in late October build incremental sales or just [...]

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Increase Your Consumer Demand 2%+ Without Increasing Media Spend

Like most retailers, you spend millions of dollars every year on media to communicate your brand and marketing messages to consumers.  In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s more critical than ever to make meaningful and memorable impressions to drive [...]

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A Fresh Pricing Model Could Drive Organic Revenue Growth For iTunes

The iTunes Store has been facing a lot of trouble lately. In recent years, the industry veteran has watched its download revenue growth slip, while subscription services like Pandora, Spotify and Rhapsody have been booming.

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Decoding Marketing Analytics

The Chief Marketing Officer is often challenged by Finance for not having an analytical, data-driven approach to their marketing efforts.  Marketers often struggle with accurately measuring the effectiveness and value of their channels and campaigns.

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Predictive Analytics Provides a Powerful Marketing Mix

When it comes to advertising, most companies rely on media agencies to provide them with the segments, reach, and impressions for each marketing vehicle. The problem with this approach is that these agencies typically provide standard metrics to support [...]

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Holiday Trade Promotions

To promote or not to promote? That is the question. Especially during the holiday shopping season when consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies spend millions of dollars on trade promotions, hoping to get their products in the hands of consumers.  This is [...]

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