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Cruise Industry Challenges Present Opportunities for Growth

Since the Great Recession, the cruise industry has seen steady growth in both capacity and demand. And while there is often a focus on ocean cruising, river cruises are also a part of this growing segment. However, despite technological advances, many [...]

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EyeforTravel recap: Revenue Management is Dead: Long Live Revenue Management

A major theme at Eye for Travel’s North America Summit in Las Vegas was disruption.  Revenue Analytics’ attended this year’s event, co-sponsoring a booth while hosting an invitation-only dinner with Accenture Digital, and met with hotel, casino and [...]

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Naming Conventions are Important – Especially when You’re Building a Software Solution

Names are important. We use them every day, whether referring to ourselves or everyday objects. The more descriptive and self-describing a name is, the more it intrinsically conveys meaning and eliminates ambiguity and any unknowns.

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Hotels Need to Think Like a Merchant

What’s the next frontier of Revenue Management for the hotel industry? The answer: Adapting an analytical mindset to drive transactional profit and total Customer Lifetime Value.

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Hoteliers Need to Treat Each Room Like a Product

When a customer books through the hotel call center or website, the hotel operates more like a retailer. When they book through an Online Travel Agency or Travel Agent, the relationship is somewhat removed and is more like a consumer goods company [...]

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Managing Less with Gut and More with Predictive Analytics

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming, engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant

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