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The Value of Data Insight-Driven Decisions: Understand First, Act Second

A common scenario in the radio and TV ad sales environment may sound familiar to you. The existence of information spread across multiple sources and the absence of a single software solution forces manual data collection and double entry. Decision-making [...]

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Eliminate the Unknowns, When Searching for a Product or Service

There are so many options – for everything.  Whether you need a car, toothpaste, phone, or even a software solution, but researching and evaluating the array of options for anything can be daunting.

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Naming Conventions are Important – Especially when You’re Building a Software Solution

Names are important. We use them every day, whether referring to ourselves or everyday objects. The more descriptive and self-describing a name is, the more it intrinsically conveys meaning and eliminates ambiguity and any unknowns.

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