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Why Are Retail Merchants Asking for a Price Check?

Once upon a time, merchants based their pricing on gut feel and experience, others used eyeball analysis to price appropriately. Then came the Internet and the resulting proliferation of online merchants, products and price changes.

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Auto Incentives Shift Gears in 2015

Automotive Manufacturers (OEMs) spend tens of billions of dollars annually in incentives such as rebates, cashback, special financing, and lease deals to move excess inventory and to gain market share. It’s been over a decade since the auto industry began [...]

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Is Your Pricing Strategy Leaving Money on the Table?

A sales transaction cannot take place without a price. A sales transaction will not take place without the right price. Given these fundamental pricing truths, how confident are you in your price setting capabilities?

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What’s The Weather Got to Do With Your Revenue Management Strategy?

Come earnings season, there are no shortages of corporate excuses for missed financial targets.  Companies have been known to blame shifting holidays, stormy weather and other acts of God. Yes, they even blame it on the rain.

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How segmentation can boost your pricing strategies

As many successful companies have learned, it’s not wise to set a one-price-fits-all pricing strategy.  Instead, those organizations that have mastered Revenue Management have put in place a well-designed customer segmentation strategy that recognizes [...]

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