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Agile Project Management: Benefits to a Revenue Management Project

Agile Project Management takes an iterative or incremental approach to designing and implementing Revenue Management (RM) capabilities. Embracing the belief that things will change after you start your initiative, requires a more flexible approach than [...]

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Collaborative Analytics, Pt. 2: Choosing Collaboration Over Compromise

While compromise can be useful in business and throughout society, the secret to successful vigorous and measurable analytics is collaboration.

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Chess Battles Offer Lesson on Collaborative Analytics

IBM’s Deep Blue Defeats World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov -- May 11, 1997

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New Year’s Resolutions for Revenue Management

The New Year would not be complete without resolutions.  A re-imagined Revenue Management Strategy could be among your corporate objectives for 2015.  Here are five resolutions to guide you toward increased revenue and greater profitability in the New [...]

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