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What the Future of Surge Pricing Will (and Won’t) Look Like

Uber’s been doing it, and now even Disney’s theme parks and the Open Table reservations app are contemplating surge pricing. It’s not surprising to find that one product and one price doesn’t fit all, and the prize for companies getting it right can be [...]

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Lean Times Lead Movie Theaters to Strategic Pricing

Blockbuster releases, increasing consumer alternatives and seasonal demand patterns have inflicted havoc on the revenue streams of many movie theater operators. With downward pressure on revenue and profits expected to continue unabated, theater chains [...]

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What’s The Weather Got to Do With Your Revenue Management Strategy?

Come earnings season, there are no shortages of corporate excuses for missed financial targets.  Companies have been known to blame shifting holidays, stormy weather and other acts of God. Yes, they even blame it on the rain.

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