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Your highly-informed guests are being presented an ever-increasing number of choices from your competitors. They demand a superior experience that is tailored to their desires at a compelling price point. Now, guests are worried about their travel excursions beyond their hotel stay. By creating a cohesive guest journey that is aligned with your brand strategy, you can easily become their hotel of choice. The question becomes; are you attracting guests through compelling marketing campaigns, engaging them through a unique sales experience, managing offers that are high value, and ensuring that those offers are distributed through optimal channels to drive loyalty and grow profits? Are your prices competitive to ensure that you are driving the right guests at the right time? Finally, have you set up on-going assessments of your capabilities to determine opportunities for continuous improvement to uncover quick hit opportunities to drive revenue?


“Our partnership with Revenue Analytics has been successful because of their balanced expertise, technical and mathematical modeling skills and business acumen.”

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Your market dynamics and risks are heavily influenced by supply and demand. Whether you operate a portfolio of brands or a single brand either on a global or a regional basis, determining the right allocation of capacity by segment is a critical starting point. In a highly complex and competitive brand world, we can help you evaluate how to dynamically balance your supply and demand to deliver increased revenue and mitigate risk by leveraging statistical and optimization models.



As CMO, your Marketing teams balance many strategic challenges, including optimizing your marketing mix across a myriad of channels, creating compelling promotions and offers that drive guests to your properties, and developing brand awareness to keep your name top of mind. It’s essential to synchronize campaigns with forecasts to drive demand. Are you measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns and determining the ROI of marketing channels to guarantee that your offers are not only increasing sales but that they aren't eroding revenues? By implementing battle-tested technology in your organization, we can help you predict which offers and which channels will drive future demand, to optimize your marketing spend and stay within your budget.

Sales and
Contract Negotiations


As chief Sales executive, your primary objective is to drive group and corporate contract business to your hotels by devoting as much time as possible understanding account needs, managing client relationships, and generating high-quality leads that will convert to contracted bookings. As you devote your attention to generating sales and growing a talented team, who is developing your analytical capabilities to maximize meeting space usage, optimize food and beverage pricing, or scoring leads to increase conversion? Who is measuring the unbiased effectiveness of your sales force, so you can reward, retain, and recruit true sales all-stars? Who is focused on group sales and forecasting and pricing opportunities? By partnering with Revenue Analytics, we can help you uncover the hidden opportunities to adjust your sales deployment strategy, optimize performance, and fuel group forecasting and pricing initiatives, enabling strategic decisions that will take your team to the next level.

Revenue Management
and Ancillary


At the center of your value delivery chain is Revenue Management where you must develop core technologies to accurately forecast both group and transient demand, so you can deploy pricing, open channels, oversee room type availability, optimize guest mix, and manage overbooking with confidence. Once you have established these foundational strategies, you must react to the ever-changing market forces in real-time, so revenue opportunities don’t pass you by. You need to dynamically pricing room types to capture upsells, generating scientifically calculated group price quotes that drive higher conversion, and offering your guests personalized bundling that increases share of wallet and drives guest lifetime value. Are you overconsumed with so much data to know what actions you should take? What if you could have the confidence to make targeted price increases, without worrying about the risk? By selling the right room or product to the right customer, at the right time, for the right price, you can bypass your competition and increase revenue without the risk.



Determining the right distribution strategy has never been more challenging or risky. You need channel partners and travel agencies to access the broadest audience possible, but you don’t want to give away your loyal guests. It’s essential to select the right partners that can bring new guests to your hotels without eroding your existing demand and profits. Once you have your strategy in place, how do you systematically optimize channel mix to ensure total organization profitability through direct channels, OTAs, travel agents, volume accounts, and wholesalers? How do you deliver personalization via dynamic offers and bundling, to improve website conversion, and call center performance? We can help you solve the distribution equation to ensure your travel partner strategy is expanding total profitability.



The world is cluttered with customer loyalty programs that miss the mark and create momentous risks because customers now expect rewards – from everyone. How do you ensure your teams are nurturing the right customers? How do you identify up and coming customers or the ones that are at risk? How do you convert loyalists from your competitors? Do you know what type of return you are getting on your Rewards and loyalty investment dollars? By applying analytical models to identify unique buying insight behaviors, these insights then can help inform distinctive strategies that drive the right behaviors to ensure you are maximizing one of your most valuable assets – your guests.


Change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be, but we can make it easy for you. After all, if your product (or service) has a price, you can use Revenue Management. That said, we bring deep industry expertise, and can help you solve for the unknowns. Click the button below to ignite change within your organization.

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