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Get supercharged analytics and simplicity you'll absolutely love — all at a lower cost. Because
multi-property revenue managers deserve modern tech.

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Our Story

Robert G. Cross created yield management in 1984 and brought it to hotels in 1987. Then he and his sons—Dax and Zach—founded Revenue Analytics in 2005, building state-of-the-art RMSs for top brands like Marriott, Hyatt, and IHG.

By 2019, they noticed a big shift: the “1-property DORM” that legacy RMSs had been built to serve, was nearly extinct. DORMs managed, 5, 10, 15 hotels.

The RM practice had evolved rapidly, but the systems hadn’t kept up.

And so, a product was born: N2Pricing. It was founded on the belief that:

Hoteliers deserve modern tech for their modern challenges.


Supercharged Analytics. Simplicity You'll Love.

Top Tech, Lower Cost

Why are RMSs so expensive? N2Pricing has the exact same engine the top brands trust, but at a lower price.

Made for Multi-Property

Cluster RMs and central RM teams are underserved by today’s tech. Manage more properties more easily.

A Better Forecast

Unique innovations like pick-best modeling, trendsetter, special event auto-detect, and more.

User Experience

Get painless implementation, easy training, and an intuitive interface without sacrificing transparency.

Profit Optimization

Any owner will tell you that profit > revenue.
Our algorithms have profit optimization at the core.

Flexible Reporting

We don't lock you into canned reports. Our rich data extract seamlessly powers any BI/visualization tool.

Introducing Dynamic DifferentialsTM


Before: You had to manually update room type differentials every time demand shifted, costing you precious time and countless keystrokes.

After: Smart rules do the work for you, updating your entire transient rate structure automatically.

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Built for Cluster RMs & Central RM Teams

Make life easier with the first RMS built specifically for your needs.

Manage More Properties More Easily

We are living in a multi-property world. It’s time RMSs were built for it.


  • Intuitive Multi-Property Workflow

    The only RMS built specifically to manage clusters efficiently.

  • Priorities Dashboard

    All the big revenue opportunities across all properties in a single prioritized list.

  • Dynamic Differentials

    The only RMS that updates your entire transient rate structure automatically, slashing keystrokes.

  • Event Auto-Detection

    The software automatically detects all special events and anomalies to save you time and boost revenue.


Better Serve GMs

Finally, an RMS that solves the big challenges: understanding, time, adoption.


  • ‘At-a-glance’ Simplicity

    The interface is simple for non-experts to understand – no 80-hr. certification needed.

  • Right Size Tool

    Includes just the features GMs need and none of the fluff they don’t, reducing noise and cost.

  • Mobility

    Fully mobile for on-the-go management.

  • Trust Building

    Provides intuitive rationale for every price recommendation, building GM confidence and acceptance.

  • Time Savings

    Surfaces top revenue opportunities for GMs and makes them easy to action in just minutes a day.


Partnership: The Critical Factor

With 30+ years pioneering revenue management, partnerships with top brands spanning 15+ years, and 15k+ hotels using our tech, we are uniquely qualified to delight you and your team every step of the way.

Pain-free Change & Adoption

Why is changing RMSs so painful? Our deep business, systems, and data knowledge takes the pain out of change.

A New Take on Training

RMSs shouldn’t take weeks to learn and months to master. N2Pricing is so intuitive, our simple in-person and in-app training is a breeze.

Your Ideal Account Manager

Smart, experienced, proactive, responsive, pleasant, productive, helpful, insightful. It’s not too much to ask.

Responsive Support

When there’s a problem, you need to be able to phone a friend. We’re your go-to lifeline for every question and concern.


N2Pricing™ Fits the Way You Do Business

Our connectivity experts can get you up-and-running with your PMS, CRS, rate shop data provider, and proprietary systems in no time.


Premium Modules

Do you have unique needs? No problem. We’ve got you covered with these additional tools.


Availability Optimization

Automatically manage rate and room availability.

Overbooking Controls

Intelligently overbook your room types at your comfort level.
Coming Soon

Group Pricing

Move beyond simple displacement analysis to customer-centric quotes.

Extended Stay Pricing

Build your base. Optimize pricing for long-term stays.


I manage multiple properties, so I need to make decisions fast. How can N2Pricing™ help me?

As a pricing-first RMS, N2Pricing™ is unlike any other system—it’s a completely new way to work. The fully configurable, one-of-a-kind multi-property dashboard and workspace prioritize revenue opportunities across all your properties. You don’t have to go property-by-property, week-by-week, looking for those opportunities. Instead, N2Pricing™ brings those opportunities right to you. N2Pricing™ multi-property screens show you your opportunities at-a-glance, and make it easy to act on them in an instant.

I need absolute confidence that my RMS will deliver a strong return on my company’s investment. How do I know N2Pricing™ will produce the revenue uplift I need?

We’d love to talk with you about ROI and revenue uplift.

We have better, more detailed proof points than any other RMS provider, and the analytical rigor of our analyses is second to none. We don’t just make claims about revenue uplift. We show you our work.

We can share with you details of the rigorous, audited revenue-uplift studies we’ve performed with our enterprise-level customers.

Our Revenue Management solutions have generated RevPAR uplift of almost 3% for several top hoteliers.

And we’ve produced an increase of 6.2% in yieldable transient revenue.

We can also share with you our analysis of user acceptance of system recommendations, which shows that users actually use our solutions.

Tell me more about Revenue Analytics. What’s your experience in providing Revenue Management solutions to the Hospitality industry?

Revenue Analytics is well known among Hospitality companies at the enterprise level.

Since 2005, we’ve powered Revenue Management for dozens of the world’s largest Hospitality brands, including three of the top seven, and continue to be their Revenue Management partner of choice today.

Right now, our analytics solutions power the pricing for 15,000 hotels and 46% of rooms in North America.

We are undisputed innovators in Hospitality revenue science. In fact, we invented the concept of price optimization and put it into practice with a top enterprise-level company. In partnership with our clients, we’ve been finalists for the prestigious Franz Edelman award that recognizes innovative revenue science breakthroughs.

We’re proud of our pedigree, but we know you’ll want to know what it means to you. First, N2Pricing™ uses the same powerful analytics and automation capabilities that our enterprise-level customers use. With N2Pricing™, you get the heart of the system that’s been the first choice for leading hotel groups. Just as important, N2Pricing™ is built with a brand-new user interface and pricing-first approach.

Revenue Analytics and N2Pricing™ offer all the power you could ever want in a tool that’s simple to use.

How do you handle integrations with other systems, including proprietary ones?

We’ve been in the Hospitality RMS business since 2005, and we understand the vital importance of integrating with a company’s technology ecosystem.

We’ve seen it all, and we’ve done it all.

And, with our open API and team of experienced data and connectivity experts, we have the capability and experience to integrate seamlessly with any and all proprietary systems. We’ll get N2Pricing™ up and running with your other systems quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

We are constantly, aggressively, and proactively building integrations with all the leading PMS, CRS, rate shop data providers, and other important systems.

I need an RMS that will fit my company’s budget, but I don’t want to lower my expectations. How can N2Pricing™ be both affordable and effective?

There are two parts to this answer.

First, N2Pricing™ uses the exact same powerful, proven analytics engines that have been a trusted revenue-uplift tool for enterprise-level Hospitality companies.

Second, N2Pricing™ is built on a modern, cloud-native platform that takes advantage of all the power and cost-efficiencies of those new technologies.

We’ve married our analytics experience with modern capabilities to keep product-development costs low—and we’re delighted to pass these savings on to you. You get the best of all possible worlds: a powerful RMS that is easy to use and enhances your company’s efficiency and productivity while also generating revenue uplift and a strong return on investment.

Other RMS vendors talk a lot about artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and such. Does N2Pricing™ use those technologies?

Yes, the N2Pricing™ algorithms make use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies.

However, we prefer to focus on the results we generate for our satisfied clients and avoid throwing around terms like AI, ML, and deep learning, which have become buzzwords that many hoteliers are understandably skeptical of.

The bottom line is that our clients use our powerful analytics to make their lives easier and generate impressive revenue benefits. We would love to talk with you in depth about how we help customers achieve these results, but we avoid using buzzwords when we do.

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