Tipping the OTA Scale back in your Hotels Favor

Life is Good:

The waves lap against the shore as you scan the grounds of your luxury 5-star resort. Business conditions are better than ever, with record-high occupancies and growing revenues across your entire portfolio of exclusive hotels.

Challenger Appears:

OTA’s are dominating the hyper-transparent online booking market. Do you drop your relationship with a distribution partner at the risk of losing revenue? Or are you confident that they’re driving new guests, and revenue to your hotel?

Battle is On:

It’s time to pull back the curtain and look at numbers. You partner with Revenue Analytics to provide you with answers. We join forces with your distribution and analytics leaders to define data requirements, articulate the key dependencies, and design unique analytical approaches that allows us to draw conclusions with confidence.  Using these plans, we analyze your distribution partnerships to tell you who dilutes revenues, who doesn’t, and by how much.  The findings populate a tool that reports on channel room night and revenue contribution by hotel, by channel along with rankings and annual trends.

You’re the Hero:

The result is a rooftop view from your tallest hotel. You leverage the analysis to build a successful distribution strategy by driving guests to your direct channels and eliminating distribution partners that don’t bring new guests to your chain. The knowledge acquired translates to a shift in power. By eliminating the unknowns, you’ve sharpened your OTA strategy roadmap to go forth and maximize profits.

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