Theme park develops ride to higher revenue

Life is good

Picture this…you’re among the world’s largest theme park companies, with 20 million annual visitors. You’ve grown steadily and profitably over the past few years. You have a smart strategy to plow profits into enhancing the customer experience.

Challenger appears

But an internal debate has broken out over repeated price increases. “Have we hit the ceiling on price?” your executives ask. Will we damage long-term growth and the customer experience by continually upping ticket, food and merchandise prices?

Battle is on

You turn to Revenue Analytics for the answer. We analyze every transaction in every theme park for the past 3 years -- 350 million rows of data from 80 different sources. We produce heat maps that reveal where price increases are still viable, such as fast passes on high-demand days. We provide guidance on when lowering prices off-peak can drive profitable traffic. We suggest price revisions where guests are “trading down” to less profitable food and merchandise.

You’re the hero

By eliminating the unknowns, we answered your biggest question. Now you have the data driven insights to provide a better demand forecast, dynamically price your tickets, and set strategic prices for your food and merchandise. Your revenues jump 6.8 percent. Sweet.

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