Case Stories

Battle-tested Hospitality Loyalty Program

Life is Good You’re a global hotel chain, and you implemented a cutting-edge Revenue Management system two years ago.  RevPAR continues to increase across your hotels, and revenue managers are happy with the optimal recommendations.

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Tipping the OTA Scale back in your Hotels Favor

Life is Good: The waves lap against the shore as you scan the grounds of your luxury 5-star resort. Business conditions are better than ever, with record-high occupancies and growing revenues across your entire portfolio of exclusive hotels.

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Deploy the right ship at the right time

Life is Good You’re one of the world’s largest cruise lines, comprised of many well-known brands serving up exciting vacation destinations for customers around the world. Your business is growing so well that you’re actively expanding your fleet [...]

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Cruise Line Sails to Higher Revenue

Life is good The view from the captain’s deck is breathtaking as you steer one of the world’s largest cruise lines. Your command of several well-known cruise brands and early adoption of Revenue Management strategies has made for smooth and [...]

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Hotel Forecasting System Eliminates Unknowns

Life is good You’re at the top of the hotel industry. With more than 4,000 hotels globally, you’re experiencing explosive growth in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

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Hotel Chain Finds the Right Price for Every Room

Life is good You’re sitting in the catbird suite. Your fast-growing global chain with over 5,000 hotels offering ultra-luxury accommodations, roadside inns and everything in between.

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