Retailer erases the Amazon effect

Life is good

You’re a rock star in electronics retailing, with more than 1,000 stores and a sterling reputation for customer service.

Challenger appears

Then comes the Amazon effect. A fresh, bold competitor is willing to undercut your prices and not afraid to take losses. Wall Street demands a response. But how low do you go to compete on price? And are there any opportunities to, dare you ask, raise prices?

Battle is on

You tried out-of-the box pricing software, and your big consulting firm can’t answer your unrelenting questions, so you turn to Revenue Analytics. We analyze each sale of over 300,000 on-line SKUs-- more than 13 billion rows of inventory, competitor price and sales data. We recommend price decreases for some SKUs, but also discover that many offer the opportunity for a price premium of 6 to 7%. Our innovative dynamic pricing system provides you with the real-time ability to optimize sales velocity and margin.

You’re the hero

Congratulations on your best holiday shopping season ever! Online sales grew five times greater than any previous year. You eliminate the unknowns and defeat the Amazon effect.

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