Radio Company Optimizes Ad Schedules

Life is Good

You are a massive media company and one of the world’s largest radio station owners. You reach hundreds of millions of listeners every day, and advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for your air time.

Challenger Appears

Intense pressure from Wall Street has you looking for innovative ways to squeeze more profit out of less resources.

Battle is On

Your inventory is precious, but you’re struggling to generate ad schedules that maximize your total booked revenue while ensuring you have premium inventory remaining for your highest paying customers. How do you reduce the workload on your lean scheduling team while improving the overall ad schedule quality? You partner with Revenue Analytics to bolster the way you book your advertisements. Leveraging predictive analytics coupled with powerful optimization tools, Revenue Analytics transforms your scheduling capabilities.

You’re the Hero

By eliminating these unknowns, you have uncovered fresh profit, while creating optimal schedules every single day for all your stations. In addition, the ad schedule quality has improved making both you and the advertiser happy – it’s a win-win for everyone.

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