Programmatic Pricing for National TV

Life is good

Media advertising is your sweet spot. You’re a multibillion-dollar media company with vast experience in the buying and selling of advertising.

Challenger appears

But trends clearly show consumer content consumption is changing from a small number of broadcast options to unlimited channels, feeds, and websites. Audiences also are more fragmented than ever; the standard demographics don’t accurately reflect customer buying behaviors or buying demand for TV spots.

Battle is on

You hire Revenue Analytics to eliminate the unknowns and to help you become the Amazon Marketplace of TV media buying. We work with you to build a programmatic buying platform that not only links buyers and sellers of local ad spots, but optimally prices the impressions. The platform enables sellers to maximize their return on national TV buys and opens up a better mix of inventory and targeted impressions for the buyers.

You’re the hero

You launch the company to rave reviews. Advertisers can now directly target people likely to be in the market for their product or service —not just broad age and gender demographics. Armed with this game-changing concept, you’ve reinvented how ad impressions are bought and sold.

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