Optimizing Inventory Decisions using Customer Lifetime Value

Life is good

Your cable broadcast empire is expanding rapidly into global markets, with big hopes for selling lucrative ad spots.

Challenger appears

But your success also has uncovered unexpected constraints. Sales volume growth has caused demand to exceed supply, especially during primetime. Unknowns are exposed: Who are our most valuable customers? Does our first-come, first-serve model displace the more valuable customers? How do we ensure that the most valuable advertisers air with the right audience?

Battle is on

You enlist Revenue Analytics to help you identify your most valuable customers and dynamically build proposals to meet their needs while maximizing the value of remaining inventory. We create a strategic segmentation methodology that provides insights into your most valuable customers based on a Customer Lifetime Value metric. We generate 7 million forecasts per night across your network and evaluate 650 trillion alternative scenarios to guarantee the right advertisers get the right spots at the right time for the right price – every time.

You’re the hero

By eliminating the unknowns about your most valuable customers, you enjoy a 5.2 percent increase in ad sales, which equates to $20 million per year in organic revenue growth. You’re happier and so, too, are your customers.

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