Office Furniture Company Conquers Low-Cost Competition

Life is good

You’re among the most admired Fortune 500 companies and one the largest manufacturers of furniture and office systems. Using innovate, iconic designs, you’ve built a $2 billion business.

Challenger appears

But low-cost competitors started discounting to stratospheric levels. Your sales team, afraid of missing out on business, has become undisciplined in offering discounts. How do you stay competitive without diluting earnings and/or damaging your brand?

Battle is on

You engage Revenue Analytics to eliminate the unknowns. We examine over 75 million rows of customer transaction data, interview 50 people within your organization and sit-down with some of your biggest distributors. We utilize predictive analytics to determine which customers have the greatest customer lifetime value. We prescribe targeted discounts based on a deals product mix, customer lifetime value, volume and sensitivity to price. Now equipped with superior knowledge, you know who should get what discounts and how low you really need to go so that both volume and margin grow.

You’re the hero

You’re armed with a powerful predictive pricing strategy that targets discounts to clients with the greatest customer lifetime value. Our solution delivers over $20 million in immediate revenue gains, plus a roadmap to another 2.5 % ($50 million) uplift.

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