Major airline rethinks annoying fees

Life Is Good

You’re firing on all cylinders. Jet fuel prices are low, the economy is good, and there are no major labor disputes. Is there much else a major airline can ask for?

Challenger Appears

But there’s one thing nagging you. You’re struggling in customer sentiment scores. You generate significant profits from ancillary products such as baggage, upgrade and change fees, but customers think they are being nickeled-and-dimed. So you transform the idea of much-derided ancillary fees into an attractive product bundle personalized for each customer, based upon the context of their trip. Great idea, but how do you execute?

Battle Is On

It’s time for Revenue Analytics. We analyze two billion historical records with over 100 million detailed customer itineraries. In order to offer completely personalized bundles at unique discounts, we create a solution that considers loyalty status, browsing history, current trip context and much more. The best part: no one can backwards engineer an equivalent deal. You are truly unique in the market.

You’re the Hero

Not only are you in a position to drive $425 million in annual revenue, you can now offer a level of customer service that literally can’t be matched. By eliminating the unknowns, you get a huge revenue boost and improve your customer service reputation. That’s what they call killing two birds with one stone.

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