Hotel Forecasting System Eliminates Unknowns

Life is good

You’re at the top of the hotel industry. With more than 4,000 hotels globally, you’re experiencing explosive growth in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Challenger appears

But predicting future demand for your rooms isn’t easy in a sprawling enterprise like yours. Dozens of forecasts are generated regularly across the company, each providing a different version of the future. Some are based on experience and intuition. Some are driven by historical demand. Which ones are right? Which ones do you base critical decisions on? How do you avoid organizational groups making conflicting and dilutive decisions based on different expectations of the future?

Battle is on

Revenue Analytics is hired to collaborate and create a single vision of future demand. It won’t be easy, because you need a forecasting system that serves diverse needs—from “What will be our aggregate demand for next quarter?” to “How many guests will arrive at each hotel in Singapore next Thursday?” We create a platform that generates 40 million forecasts nightly for each hotel, segment room type, and channel for the next 365 days. A clever interface allows you to glide seamlessly across regions, products, customer segments and time.

You’re the hero

You can now rest easy. By eliminating the unknowns about future demand, you’ve enabled faster, more confident and aligned decision-making and contributed to consistent growth in net rooms and revenue per room.

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