Hotel Chain Finds the Right Price for Every Room

Life is good

You’re sitting in the catbird suite. Your fast-growing global chain with over 5,000 hotels offering ultra-luxury accommodations, roadside inns and everything in between.

Challenger appears

Thanks to the internet, pricing is more transparent than ever. Then the Great Recession hits and rates, bookings and revenues plummet. If you drop the price, can you win share--or will it just dilute earnings? Are there any opportunities to raise rates?

Battle is on

You need answers faster than a webpage loads online, so you call Revenue Analytics. We analyze the 76,000 pricing decisions each of your hotel GMs make each year. We devise a system that studies each hotel’s top competitors, fills empty rooms at the highest possible rate, and is scalable across your entire organization.

You’re the hero

The results are proudly reported in your annual report to shareholders. By building a system that prices 250 million rooms nightly and eliminating the unknowns, you generate 2.7 percent in annual uplift.

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