Global Shipping Company Earns Unfair Advantage

Life is Good

You’re the largest container shipping company in the world.  Proven processes create efficiencies and a focus on cost control enables you to strategically invest in infrastructure.  You’ve stayed ahead of your competitors.

Challenger Appears

Overcapacity has begun to challenge you and your competitors. A downward pricing spiral ensues. Will you ever be able to raise price again?  Are your customer relationships benefiting you or just your customers?  When should you respond to competitor pricing? By how much? And where?

Battle is On

You hire Revenue Analytics to predict sensitivity to price and turn the ship around.  We create a multi-phase Revenue Optimization solution that predicts the optimal price for 60,000 Origin-Destination markets, adjusts for customer preferences, aligns to segment behaviors, and balances bookings and loadings.

You’re the Hero

Insights into price sensitivity give you an unfair competitive advantage. The result is dramatic revenue growth. You are winning more deals at higher margins while building the foundation for integrated intermodal optimization.

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