Global Retailer Answers the Age-Old Ad Question

Life Is Good

You’re a global retailer with over 11,000 stores. You made it through the Great Recession, beating the odds and sustaining your revenue growth.

Challenger Appears

But your same-store growth has struggled. You question your marketing strategy. Is it a better ROI to have local market exposure or are national placements more cost-effective?

Battle Is On

That’s where Revenue Analytics comes in. We analyze 150 million customer transactions correlated with 160,000 ad spots across the country to determine the quantity and quality of the results. We determine that both ad strategies drive volume; however, the national campaign is much more effective in creating a loyal customer base that is more likely to purchase additional products.

You’re the Hero

Half of all ads are wasted, but which half? You’re one of the few who knows because Revenue Analytics eliminates the unknowns and gives you the confidence to make informed decisions and deliver higher quality traffic to stores across the country.

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