Global Freight Forwarder Disrupts the Disrupters

Life is good

Your reach is everywhere. As one of the world’s largest freight forwarders, you’ve got nearly 100,000 employees in 2,000 locations across more than 140 countries.

Challenger appears

Then the perfect storm hits. You’re losing share to new competitors, customer attrition is soaring, and web-based disrupters are connecting buyers and sellers faster than your antiquated RFQ process can respond. How do you stem the tide and start rebuilding market share?

Battle is on

You retain Revenue Analytics. We combine 200 million rows of data from six source systems to deliver a single version of the truth behind what’s driving your woes. In just 120 days, we offer strategies that identify customers at-risk so sales people can call on them before they churn. We measure price sensitivity of every customer to identify who’s willing to pay more for your services or buy more if you lower prices. We slice days off your RFQ response time.

You’re the hero

By eliminating the unknowns, you emerge with better confidence and better price quotes. Most importantly, you reverse those horrible trends and return to a profitable growth trajectory.

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