Global Auto Company Strikes the Balance to Deliver Volume and Profit Improvements

Life Is Good

As one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, you’re a king in the global market.

Challenger Appears

But emerging competitors threaten to disrupt a longtime successful strategy of extending product lines and relentless process control. Your goals are now conflicting as relentlessly increasing sales and margin targets become at odds with each other.

Battle Is On

It’s time to bring in a fresh perspective. Revenue Analytics analyzes 6 million rows of data from 75 different sources of data. We combine sales, incentives, competitor and macroeconomic projections with customer data forging one version of the truth. Then it’s time to figure out how to measure success. We craft new metrics and a simulation system designed to enable you to test the short-term and long-term trade-offs between vehicle production, sales growth and marketing spend. You can now meet sales and margin goals with expenses associated with customer discounts and incentives.

You’re the Hero

You identify strategies to deliver both volume and profit improvements. You now have the confidence to make faster and better informed decisions, while significantly reducing stress in the organization. Oh, and you also generate $400 million based on this innovative strategy – that’s what happens when you eliminate the unknowns.

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