Flooring Leader Flourishes in a Flat Market

Life is good:

Your foundation is solid. As one of the world’s largest flooring companies, you’ve experienced top line and bottom line growth for years.

Challenger appears:

But a downturn in home sales and renovations has turned up the pressure. Your biggest unknown is how to grow revenue in a flat housing market.

Battle is on:

With Revenue Analytics on your team, you begin to uncover answers. We interview five dozen people from the C-suite to field sales. We analyze 20 million transactions—every single deal over the past three years. Our findings allow us to segment your customers by price sensitivity and product mix, yielding actionable insights--such as carpet only buyers are more price-sensitive than customers who buy equal amounts of carpet and hard surfaces. We quantify the culture of pricing cost based on exception rather than expectations. In addition, we identify “at risk” customers and create immediate plans to regain lost business.

You’re the hero:

You’re floored by $105 million in quick hit and longer-term opportunities. We did it by eliminating the unknowns. We crafted new pricing guidelines, while streamlining the pricing approval process. We created a dynamic warning system to rescue at-risk customers, and deployed fresh sales metrics that identify your true top performers. You’ve laid the groundwork for a speedy recovery to drive revenue, and solved for all the carpet-only variables - even the human ones.

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