Deploy the right ship at the right time

Life is Good

You’re one of the world’s largest cruise lines, comprised of many well-known brands serving up exciting vacation destinations for customers around the world. Your business is growing so well that you’re actively expanding your fleet with fresh top-of-the-line ships on order.

Challenger Appears

However, you’re conflicted, where in the world should you deploy your new ships to maximize profitability – not just for the new fleet of ships but for your entire multi-brand fleet? Even with your current fleet, you’re wondering if your deployment plans are optimal or could you do better? Currently, each brand handles deployment decisions independently - each using different models, assumptions, data and processes – hindering collaboration and potentially leading to sub-optimal decisions.

Battle is On

You hire Revenue Analytics to bring multiple brands together in pursuit of a better way to streamline your organization. We collaborate with brand leaders to build a strategic deployment scenario tool that allows users to calculate the expected profitability of any potential scenario – for individual brands and considering cross-brand impacts. The calculator crunches data on thousands of historical voyages to estimate the key drivers of profit (e.g. own and competitor capacity, time of year, ship quality) to give an accurate prediction of how a dynamic deployment performs. Think of being able to crunch through over 1 trillion different deployment scenarios in mere minutes! Questions that once took days to answer are now answered in minutes.

You’re the Hero

With this innovative tool in place, your teams are considering more deployment options than before, honing in on the best ones, saving time and evoking creativity. Certain scenarios even identify over $1 million of additional yearly revenue! Even better, you’ve now got everyone speaking the same language, allowing your brands to collaborate more effectively and make joint decisions together.

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