Cruise Line Sails to Higher Revenue

Life is good

The view from the captain’s deck is breathtaking as you steer one of the world’s largest cruise lines. Your command of several well-known cruise brands and early adoption of Revenue Management strategies has made for smooth and profitable sailing.

Challenger appears

But rapid technological advancements, globalization, product complexity and increased price transparency worry you. Are you missing opportunities to raise price? Leaving money on the table with a proliferation of promotions and discounts? Should you respond to competitor pricing, by how much, where and when (itineraries, inventory classes, source markets, etc.)?

Battle is on

You hire Revenue Analytics to answer your questions and calm the seas. We create a next-generation Revenue Management system that tracks competitor price movements and optimizes your response across 30-50 customer and inventory segments on each departure. Our platform dynamically sets and reevaluates 1.5 million price points annually, prioritizes actions and syncs your sales objectives with optimal revenue strategies.

You’re the hero

The result is $320 million in annual revenue uplift. By eliminating the unknowns, you’re once again moving full steam ahead on Revenue Management and making your shareholders happier than ever.

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