Confidently Negotiate and Price Inventory Mix


You are a major player in the Media syndication business, and your content reaches hundreds of millions of people across the United States each week.


The Media Ad Sales industry is experiencing downward pricing pressure on rates, and your Sales Planning team lacks detailed visibility into demand patterns and the market’s price sensitivity. The current proposal build and approval processes are manual and time-consuming, limiting the Sales Planning team’s ability to systematically review proposals and make informed pricing and inventory trade-off decisions.


You partner with Revenue Analytics and leverage battle-tested technology to develop a price and proposal optimization capability which auto-generates sellable proposals that meet advertisers’ needs while maximizing the overall value of your inventory to drive revenue uplift. With a user interface tailored to your needs, your Sales Planning team can now run “what-if” scenarios to evaluate both strategic and tactical trade-off decisions. Empowered with this new information and a better understanding of the business impact, your teams can more confidently negotiate price and inventory mix with clients.


By systematically evaluating millions of trade-off decisions at once, the proposal optimization solution drives revenue uplift in constrained Prime Time inventory, and the improvements to your proposal evaluation process gives your Sales Planning team more time to focus on the most critical 20%.

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