Beverage Producer Juices Up Revenues

Life is good

You’re king of the liquid refreshment industry with new sights set on the juice market. Your goal is to become the fastest growing and undisputed juice leader by 2020.

Challenger appears

But a new low-cost competitor is disrupting your plans. They’re pushing aggressive discounting promotions to win business and grow share. You realize that simply matching prices could damage your brand as well as your revenue.

Battle is on

You turn to Revenue Analytics. We collect data on 4.2 million discrete customer transactions at 6,000 retail locations. This enables us to develop a price sensitivity heat map. It identifies whether volume was driven by price or other variables such as brand preference, taste, or location. Our prescriptive solution offers competitive, everyday prices. In addition, we help you develop promotion strategies that are targeted, effective and boost revenues without cannibalizing your other products.

You’re the hero

The results are as refreshing as a glass of cold juice. By eliminating the unknowns, you register a 6.3 percent jump in revenue that keeps the competition at bay. The knowledge acquired turns an intense battle into an easy win.

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