Beverage Maker perfects juice with analytics

Life is good

You’re a dominant player in beverages. To remain on top, you’ve diversified beyond sparkling drinks to meet growing consumer demand for naturally healthy beverages such as water and orange juice.

Challenger appears

But your goal of doubling sales of fresh orange juice is threatened by the complexity of producing a fresh and natural product. To deliver a consistent-tasting, high-quality glass of juice, you’ve got to account for wild variations in growing seasons, orange varieties, geography & climates, shelf life of raw juice and supply chain muck-ups. No sweeteners or preservatives are allowed.

Battle is on

Your global juice team hires Revenue Analytics to blend science with the art of juice making. We build a mathematical representation of your juice business--a simulation model that analyzes as many as 1 quintillion decision variables. We determine how to dynamically blend all your sources of juice across all of your orange juice products. The algorithm optimizes blending to create a consistent, high quality product at the lowest cost.

You’re the hero

By eliminating the unknowns about your complex juice business, we give you a viable plan to double volume and grow share. You also are armed with a sustainable platform that allows you to respond to potentially catastrophic supply disruptions—such as hurricanes or freezes-- in a matter of minutes, not days.

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