Auto retailer revenue profit engine

Life is good

You’ve built a Fortune 500 company with over 100 car dealerships. Revenues continue to soar as you expand into more dealerships and fine-tune your organization’s best practices.

Challenger appears

But there’s one hiccup in your sales engine. The used car market is rising but your dealers aren’t equipped to capitalize on it. Money is being left on the table, but how can your dealers be smarter in both selling and buying used cars?

Battle is on

You retain Revenue Analytics. We analyze three years of sales data on over 300,000 car sales, as well as data on millions of cars advertised and sold across the U.S. on various auto-buying websites. We use machine learning horsepower to dynamically recommend where you should get more margin and where you should lower price to increase sales velocity. In addition, we transform the organization and centralize the decision-making to solve for the human equation.

You’re the hero

Eliminating unknowns generates $100 million in revenue uplift. We’ve not only helped you price better, we’ve collaborated with you to develop a systematic, scientific approach to inventory mix which constantly assures you stock the fastest moving, highest margin vehicles at each of your locations.

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