Meet Our Service Retail Leadership Team

Meet Our Service Retail Leadership Team

Jared WieselSVP, Consumer & Industrial Products

Jared Wiesel

SVP, Consumer & Industrial Products

Jared Wiesel is a Senior Vice President at Revenue Analytics. In this role, he serves as the practice area lead for consumer goods and retail. Jared has led and executed project work across four continents with experience in multiple industries including retail, consumer goods, automotive, manufacturing, amusement and entertainment, freight, and specialty services. Jared also designs practical and actionable client solutions that drive organic revenue growth. In addition, Jared is responsible for driving revenue targets for the retail and consumer goods practice areas by implementing business development strategies and delivering engagements that are efficient, profitable and sustainable for project team members. Mr. Wiesel has a decade of experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies to help solve their most complex Pricing and Revenue Management challenges. His primary areas of focus include pricing strategy, price optimization, rules-based pricing, process design, and change management.

Prior to joining Revenue Analytics, Jared was a leader in Deloitte Consulting, Pricing and Profitability Management practice where he designed and managed complex Pricing and Revenue Management engagements.

Gabrielle ShklovskyDirector of Science, Media

Gabrielle Shklovsky

Director of Science, Media

As a Director of Science at Revenue Analytics, Gabby is a pricing analytics expert skilled at leading the design and implementation of pricing strategies that leverage data analytics to drive sales. She combines strong business acumen with advanced analytical modeling abilities to effectively solve a variety of pricing problems for clients.

Her focus is on the Media ad sales industry where she specializes in solutions for rate card optimization, deal pricing and proposal optimization. Gabby has more than 8 years of experience in designing and implementing Revenue Management and Pricing systems in industries including media, cruise, automotive, and retail.

Prior to joining Revenue Analytics, Gabby worked for CarMax where she developed and implemented pricing algorithms and strategies that price tens of thousands of cars each day and contributed to pricing innovations valued at over $30M/year.