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Your customers aren’t all the same, so why do you price them that way?

The ideal pricing strategy for most B2B companies is to charge every customer exactly how much they are willing to pay in order to extract every last drop of consumer surplus (Figure (a)).

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Optimizing Your Product Portfolio: Five Critical Success Factors

If you are a leader in a products company where traditional cost-cutting is starting to run its course (or is not effective), you may be considering rationalizing your portfolio. The benefits are obvious – eliminate excessive complexity and waste, cull [...]

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You can drive 200+ basis points of margin

A well-known, highly-valued brand? Check. A strong market position? Check. A talented leadership team? Check. A competent sales team with strong customer relationships? Check. You’ve seemingly got all the pieces in place, so why’s it so hard to drive [...]

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Greater Growth By Pricing On the Margin

Twenty to thirty percent.  That is the typical percentage of customer and product portfolios that are losing money.

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