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Wal-Mart widens appeal to compete with Amazon without leaving low-income customers behind

Dollar stores like Dollar General are making moves to expand their value proposition as well.

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Attention Shoppers, Product Price War in Aisle 9

Another quarterly earnings season is in the books, and while there were a few star performers, it was another dismal one for retailers. It seemed almost a daily occurrence — headlines littered with the next retailer that struggled under the weight [...]

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Pricing decisions are going to be made whether you have analytics behind it or not

In his role as chief scientist at Atlanta­based consulting firm Revenue Analytics, Jon Higbie helps clients make sound pricing decisions for everything from hotel rooms, to movie theater popcorn, to that carton of OJ in the fridge. And in the [...]

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The Revenue Management Mantra

This Q&A with Robert G. Cross, Chairman and CEO at Revenue Analytics will help apartment executives understand and implement an effective revenue management program.

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Customer-centric pricing: The surprising secret for profitability

Abstract Companies spend enormous amounts of energy and capital in creating value for customers, but less regard is given to actually capturing the value they have created. Segmentation based on buying behavior uncovers a tremendous differential in [...]

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