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“Where has this been?! I’ve needed this for the last 5 years!”


"Pulling data is labor intensive—this will definitely save us time!"


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Speed Up Sales

Get faster, more productive sales teams with
deep advertiser intel in a single click.


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How Advertiser InsightsTM
Speeds Up Sales

Advertiser Insights™ gives ad sales teams deep advertiser intel fast so they can respond to avails quickly and spend more time selling.

When AEs get an avail, they have to gather advertiser intel—past purchases, pricing, and more–to create a winning proposal.

But gathering data is a painful process: go into traffic, copy data into Excel, calculate metrics, and so on. And it takes too long.

This manual work keeps clients waiting. And it keeps AEs from their #2 priority: calling prospects.

That’s where Advertiser Insights™ saves the day. It gives AEs all the advertiser intel they could ever want in a single click.


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Pricing Insights

Get the critical pricing history that AEs need.

  • See all the inventory the advertiser purchased before and exactly what they paid
  • Metrics include gross revenue, units sold, mins sold, AUR, negotiated rating, purchased CPP, GRPs, delivered ratings and more
  • Also view % of spots that aired, were madegood, or ultimately credited
  • Even see active orders–their current performance and the likelihood the advertiser's spots will clear
  • Fully configurable
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Benchmark Insights

Plus, get benchmarking data so AEs can negotiate with confidence.

  • Station benchmarks: compare spend and rates of all purchasers of the same inventory
  • Agency benchmarks: compare to the agency’s total book of business
  • Category benchmarks: compare to other advertisers in the same industry
  • Includes gross revenue, units sold, mins sold, AUR, sellout % and more
  • Fully configurable
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Product Insights

Even get cross-sell recommendations to help AEs grow their share of wallet.

  • See what products advertisers have purchased, and most importantly, what they haven’t purchased
  • Define products that align with your go-to-market (e.g., general spots, digital streaming, digital display, sports, sponsorships and more)
  • See how national advertisers spend by product, market or both
  • Fully configurable
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