Which Sales Lever do you Pull – Bigger or Better?

In the current broadcast ad sales environment, you’re under constant pressure to increase sales without increasing the size of your sales team. Agencies continue to exert pressure to lower prices and CPMs, while Wall Street continues to push for revenue growth.

It can seem impossible.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve been granted one of two levers to solve your problem: one labeled “make sales team bigger”, the other “make sales team better”.

Which would you pull?

Many say that sales is “a numbers game” – so perhaps you could cure the problem by adding more reps to every territory. But what if they’re all bogged down in doing manual paperwork to generate proposals. What if the proposals they are generating are missing out on both inventory and revenue opportunities because the reps themselves don’t have a quick and easy way to get the right information?

The lever you can pull to make your sales team better is a tool that increases their efficiency by 20% - thus calling on more customers and closing more deals – and a revenue lift of millions of dollars.

It may sound like a crazy lever, but the truth is the power of Predictive Analytics can deliver these types of results for broadcasters. These capabilities enable your sales team to know – not guess – what the right price should be in near real-time, as well as what the inventory allocation should be. Efficiently create proposals that require fewer iterations from sales leadership, cutting manual work down substantially and improving response times to agencies. Those 1-2 sales calls a rep would gain each week can lead to hundreds of extra sales calls per year. That equates to thousands of extra opportunities to grow existing business and acquire new clients in a year.
By empowering your sales team to make data-driven decisions, you’ll not only be able to make them be more effective at their job, you’ll make them incredibly more efficient, all while driving more money to the bottom line.

Are you ready to pull the lever?

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